Danish travel agency aims to open up the world – brings sustainable possibilities of lifetime experiences across borders

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At Above Borders they believe that to learn about the world, you have to discover it. You have to listen to people and share each other’s thoughts in order to learn and grow – and this is how they will achieve their mission: To open up the real world.

Above Borders arrange trips to isolated destinations. They currently have North Korea and Turkmenistan in their portfolio, as well as more destinations in the pipeline. There is more to these countries than just what the media says. The people living there are not just robots wired to do what their leader says, but actual human beings with actual stories to tell. “On my first trip to North Korea I had heard oh so many things before departing, and I was very excited indeed. Although, I must admit: All my expectations were completely blown away,” explains Frederik, one of the many storytellers at Above Borders.

The aim of Above Borders is to generate experiences of a lifetime by travelling to these alternative and isolated destinations. Additionally, they seek to break down barriers and open up the world by travelling to these destinations through communication, and by speaking to local people. Their tours are arranged by guides who are experts in the countries they travel to, and they have an in-depth knowledge of the local culture. Therefore, Above Borders aim to develop a tour based on their own experiences. In combination with having local partners, this makes a powerful opportunity in designing very special trips that enable people to discover local culture and expand their knowledge of the world, while also gaining an intensely personal experience.

Photo: Above Borders

Responsible and sustainable traveling

One thing very close to the heart of Above Borders is protecting and developing the world that so many of us are eager to explore. Having a travel agency that involves quite a lot of commuting between Europa and Asia might the not seem very environmentally conscious. However, Above Borders fully address this issue, and have made an effort to cover the carbon footprint of themselves and their fellow travelers. Actually, they compensate double the carbon emission that they generate through an environmental organization called RenSti. In addition to that, their motivation for arranging these trips subscribe to the sustainable development goals from the UN. It has been something that has been their main motivation for these trips before even considering the UN sustainable development goals. When they create these trips, they do it with the goal of expanding the world view of their guests, but also opening up to the isolated country they visit – thus opening the world and its people to each other while maintaining a sustainable profile.