How AI is revolutionising access to legal support

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Machine learning is streamlining the flight compensation claims process for passengers. AirHelp, the world’s largest organisation specialising in air passenger rights, applies artificial intelligence (AI) in their venture to help travellers get compensation for delayed or canceled flights and in instances of denied boarding.

We see areas of injustice in all aspects of life. From incorrectly issued speeding and parking tickets to tenants’ disputes with their landlords, there are frequent occasions when consumers are wrongly penalised. Often such issues could be resolved with legal support, but there are major barriers to hiring a lawyer; mainly expense and inaccessibility. As a result, 46% of people who need a lawyer do absolutely nothing, and only 15% do actually hire legal support – according to the American Bar Association.

The use of AI offers a way to make legal support available for free to everyone who needs it,  and what’s more, make sure that this support has the knowledge of every other lawyer who had come before it, as well as being accessible at any time. Machine learning is making such support available en masse thanks to a new innovation in the emerging space of legal artificial intelligence.

Photo: PR, AirHelp

Fulfilling and increasing need

Air travel is predicted to increase from 3.8 billion air travelers in 2016 to well over 8.2 billion passengers worldwide by 2037. Every year around 7.2 million flights are disrupted and it’s predicted that by 2042 this will rise to 20 million a year. Those eligible to claim compensation for delayed and cancelled flights is predicted to surpass 11 million globally – the highest figure ever reported – yet 87% do not have an understanding of their right to claim airline compensation and as a result, will miss out on money that is rightfully theirs. The compensation claim process for air passengers has, to date, been complex and tiresome – many have experienced the disappointment of a wrongfully rejected claim or have had to wait months for their claim to be processed. For air passengers, the average compensation claim is 350 euros and yet the cost of hiring a lawyer to push through a claim on your behalf is 350 euros an hour, which means passengers are being forced to tolerate this gross injustice.

Thanks to the development of the first ever robot lawyer by AirHelp, the world’s largest organisation specialising in air passenger rights, AI is now emerging as a way to make it easier, cheaper and much more accessible for passengers to claim the compensation they are owed. Since launching in 2013, AirHelp has enabled more than 10 million people process airline compensation claims via user-friendly website and intuitive mobile apps. Claims processing is a very specialised area, with enormous amounts of information to process. Vast quantities of both individual data and various legal jurisdictions, make AI perfectly positioned to streamline the process bringing improvements across the board for both customer and business.