Michelin Group to implement sustainable transport system from Einride

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Commercial operations will commence in 2020, initially with the deployment of Einride’s T-pod – an autonomous, electric truck – at Michelin sites in France.

Road freight transport is responsible for around 7 percent of global CO2 emissions. Sustainable mobility is a key goal to the Michelin Group, a global player within the field of tire and mobility services. To advance this goal, Michelin has now decided to deploy an autonomous, electric transport system (AET) from Einride.

“I am proud that Michelin chose Einride. We share the same mission and I look forward to working together to introduce a sustainable, safe and efficient solution that can help transform the way Michelin transport goods, thereby drastically reducing CO2 emissions,” says Robert Falck, CEO & founder of Einride. The solution is based on autonomous, all-electric vehicles, coordinated by an intelligent “operative system” for road freight transport.

The partnership between Einride and Michelin will begin with the commercial deployment of Einride’s solution at its Michelin’s facilities in the city of Clermont-Ferrand in France in 2020. The roll-out, which includes digitalizing selected transport flows on Einride’s platform, will happen in two major phases. The first phace is transporting goods at one of Michelin’s facilities in Clermont-Ferrand, while the second phase is transporting goods between different Michelin sites in the city. The second phase requires necessary approvals from the French authorities, which is why Einride will start off by transporting goods inside a fenced area. 

The new initiative was set in motion by the Michelin Group’s Supply Chain Department and it is part of the Michelin Group’s action for more innovative and sustainable goods mobility.