Rackbuddy makes tailored solutions for your wardrobe

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At Rackbuddy, smart solutions for your wardrobe are incredibly important. A wardrobe does not simply entail a closet wherein you casually throw your clothes, but a collection of different functional solutions that form the perfect frame for your clothing. That is why Rackbuddy has created The Walk-in Collection; a collection of clothes racks that will make it easy and simple to create your own wardrobe solution.

“We believe that a wardrobe should be functional as well reflect your own personal style. And, of course, it must provide you with a great overview of all of your clothes. With premade wardrobes or dressers, you often find that it is almost impossible to keep proper track of your clothes, but you can easily do so with Rackbuddy.”

Rackbuddy was started by friends Martin Heinze and Lasse Nielsen in 2013, after a DYI project inspired them to create wardrobe solutions that were functional, adaptable and looked good. Since then, the company has grown both in size and success, and today they sell their clothes rack collections all over Europe. Germany in particular has proven to be an excellent market for their functional wardrobe solutions.

Now Rackbuddy has recently launched their newest clothes rack collection, consisting of 32 customizable water pipes and wooden shelves. Together they create a unique and functional design, and the Walk-in Collection’s customizable pieces ensure a wardrobe solution that fits exactly your home. Like the original Rackbuddy clothes racks, the new collection is made with industrial iron and comes in black and silver. The shelves are available in dark-stained pine, light pine or oak wood. The wooden elements help break the raw and industrial look into something a little warmer, that will exude life and personality. 

The cool thing about Rackbuddy’s new collection is how flexible it is, and because of that, it can always be updated to fit with your changing needs for storage. That way, you are ensured enough room and the right visual expression at all times.

“There might be someone out there who’ll say, hey, it’s just pipes, wooden shelves and some hangers, and I’ll answer yeah, and so what? No one says it has to be complicated. We found a solution that is easy, cheap and looks good. Though you could in theory build your own wardrobe solution, Rackbuddy just makes it a lot easier and cheaper than most do-it-yourself solutions. You’ll avoid surplus material and all the trouble of measuring, cutting and assembling. It’s easy and simple, and you have the option to create exactly the clothes rack or wardrobe solution you want.”

Find Rackbuddy’s new collection on www.rackbuddy.com