Swancy invites you to a swap party, every day!

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In the past two decades clothes consumption has increased by over 400%. Garments are cheaper and more easily accessible than ever before. Most of the items in our closets we rarely or never even wear. So, what to do with all these lost treasures? A team of Norwegian and Italian entrepreneurs have decided to help you solve this puzzle with their new clothes-swapping app, Swancy.

The team has created a social platform where users can upload their garments, swipe, match and swap these garments with others’. By using your own clothes as a currency, you can upgrade your wardrobe sustainably and without spending any money. At the same time, you make sure your clothes go to someone who will value them.

The currency of fashion

Resource sharing is becoming increasingly popular and has made the second hand market the fastest growing segment in the clothing industry. New solutions such as clothes renting service Fjong, and buy-and-sell app Tise have already made great success in the Norwegian second-hand scene. Swancy adds another option to consumers. “With a growing user-base of over 2500 users, Swancy makes it easy to connect and swap with people that share your sense of style”, says founder Kristin Grostad.

The motivation behind the idea is to create a service that helps reform the clothing industry. The throwaway culture has made this industry one of the biggest sources of pollution, and the cost of the cheap garments we buy and wear in Europe are usually taken on the other side of the production line. Through Swancy, we want to cultivate a culture where people understand the cost of production, value quality and take better care of what they already have.

An international solution

The startup was launched in Norway in 2018, and recently opened the app to the UK-audience. It is a Norwegian startup, but with an international team. Alisia Stasi, Francesco Peloi and Valbona Gjini have many years of experience in the London startup-scene and co-founded the startup with Kristin Grostad, who won Startup Weekend Bergen with the idea in 2016.

The team has big plans for the coming year. Having developed the app in their spare time and tested out the concept in the UK and Norway they now aim to raise enough capital to market the app to a greater audience. Before that, they are launching a new look for the website and app.

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