Swedish company wants to be AirBnB for pop up shops

Estimeret læsetid: 2 minutter

xNOMAD wants to become the retail equivalent to AirBnB by creating an online marketplace, where you can easily browse and find short-term retail space. The idea is to connect landlords with companies and brands seeking available retail space to create pop up shops, where they can launch new products, boost their brand, test out ideas and markets, and much more. The platform makes it easy for companies to find the right space and get in contact with landlords.

xNOMAD offers not only beautiful retail space in great locations, but also the option to have the space decorated, have POS systems set up, hire staff through the platform, and have xNOMAD create marketing for clients. Using xNOMAD is so easy that you can get retail space within a day.

“Pop up stores create an exciting opportunity to test out your brand and create a client base on a ground-level,” co-founder Jonathan Haralambakis explains. “That’s why we came up with the idea to make it easy for companies to find short-term retail space, so they could easily establish a pop up store and extend their brand in no time.”

xNOMAD is not only advantageous for businesses, but also for landlords. The landlords can freely choose between leases, which can run anywhere from three days to several months, allowing for great flexibility. And because long-term leases result in better prices, there is a definite benefit in landlords and renters working together.

Quick way to success

The Swedish-based company has only been up and running for six months, but has already experienced a lot of success with its product. Since the founders met through the Swedish startup program, Antler, they have expanded their team to 12 employees, ensured over 110.000 dollars in funding, and are already on their way to the next venture round. So far, xNOMAD rents out retail space in Stockholm and Göteborg, but the company expects to expand business to several more cities in Sweden before making their way to Norway and Denmark before the end of the year. From then on, xNOMAD hopes to expand to the Central European and Asian markets.

“It’s been beyond all expectations so far,” says Jonathan Haralambakis. “We’re working with so many different kinds of brands and businesses in need of short-term retail space. It’s been great. Hopefully one day soon, we can help make retail space accessible everywhere.”