Swedish startup disrupts the most complained about services industry

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In Sweden, contractors within home improvement & repair services industry have been criticized for long waits and poor communication, which has been frustrating for both contractors and customers. According to the Swedish Consumer Agency, the industry has received the most complaints of all services industries in Sweden for 12 years straight. But now, two Swedish entrepreneurs have created an app that finally makes the end-to-end process of finding, communicating and working with contractors easy. By applying technologies that already has proven to be successful in other industries, the app brings great user experience to both contractors and customers. 

The app makes it easy to contact contractors and handymen for a quote without having to wait. All you have to do is download the app Done, write a short description of your home improvement project, and shortly after you will be matched with the right contractor, who can give you a quote on your work through a video call.

This makes it easy not only for customers, but for contractors as well. Many general contractors have experienced better communication with their clients through Done, especially contractors who have not previously had much of a digital presence. The simple interface of the app has lured some of the older handymen to conduct business through the app, which has really set things in motion. And then there is the added benefit of reducing time spent on the road, driving out to clients to give quotes. Now it is easily and quickly done through the app instead.

There are several benefits to using Done. Among them is the opportunity to help reduce undeclared work in the contracting industry, which has been rampant the last few years in Sweden. “We want to create a sort of Spotify Effect, as Spotify helped reduce illegal downloading of music by making their service so easy to use. We want to do the same with Done and the contracting industry,” says co-founder Alek Åström.

Great response from customers

The company was started by two Swedish entrepreneurs, who already had experience within the startup world. Alek Åström and Malin Granlund met back in January 2019 at Antler’s startup program, where they quickly joined forces to work on the idea that would soon become Done. The beta version of their app launched in April, and since then, the app has experienced great success.

“We have been getting such good response from our contractors and customers. For instance, we had a case where a pregnant woman needed some work done in her nursery a short while before her baby was due. She was referred to our app, where she booked a video call with one of our contractors, and a few days before the birth, the nursery was done. That made us so happy to hear,” tells co-founder Malin Granlund.

So far, the app’s clientele is based in Stockholm, but the company will expand to several other Swedish cities in the near future, before expanding to other European cities. Long-term, they are planning to include more services within the same sector, but Alek Åström and Malin Granlund know the value of restraint. They are not interested in expanding their services too quickly, but want to learn what they can about the industry and market, before making grand plans for their business. But as of right now, the company is doing exceedingly well. Since their beginnings in February, the team has expanded in size while their clientele increases every day. It bodes well for the app which has already revolutionized communication between contractors and customers.

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