Your employees are burning out and there’s a NY-based platform that can help

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Millennials have been called the ‘burnout generation’ so it’s no surprise that half of them plan to quit their jobs. A personal coaching platform has a new solution to mitigate this syndrome


7 in 10 millennials suffer from burnout and, in May 2019, the World’s Health Organization declared burnout as a legitimate diagnosis. People or HR leaders cannot afford to turn their backs to this issue anymore. We’ve heard from many of them that it is getting harder and harder to attract millennials and retain them. Senior leaders also know that burnout leads to lower productivity, absenteeism, a negative impact in the work culture, and higher employee replacement costs.

Journify is NY-based wellness coaching platform for millennials and people-first companies. They offer flexible plans for personal coaching or group workshops. In addition to their curated community of wellness practitioners, they support the users’ well-being journeys with HIPAA-compliant telehealth, goal-setting and alerts, personal metric tracking, team challenges, and wellness journal entries.

So, what happened with the trend of stand-alone wellness apps and trackers? They don’t work when the user’s goal is to make meaningful lifestyle changes. Usually, 80% of individuals quit achieving their personal goals when trying to do it alone. Personal coaching is proven to be at least 3X more effective than any “one-size-fits-all” program. The latter mainly due to the support and accountability that personal coaches provide. Journify leverages the advantages of personal coaching and supports the journey with the first end-to-end millennial-friendly platform.

Journify is a venture-backed company that started in Q1 2019 with 1:1 coaching services. The platform has scaled their offerings quickly and recently incorporated group training sessions for managers and teams. Their coaches and workshops cover personal development and general well-being topics, such as burnout management, resilience building, mental health improvement, financial well-being, life and career design, and sustainable behavioral changes.